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Prosthetics involves a series of procedures which returns the aesthetic and function of large destructions of teeth or loss of teeth. The services we provide in the field of prosthetics are:

Mobile prosthetics (complete denture, partial dentures and denture-Vizille)

Fixed prosthetics (crowns and bridges) and

Combined works

Nonmetal ceramics and zirconia ceramics
Metal ceramics - ojno

Upgrades - when the clinical crown is missing or destroyed for the most part, and the tooth is cured, we make the upgrade, which can be:
finished - metal, glass or zirconia
moltened - individual upgrade - dent. steel, gold, zircon.

Mobile prosthetics

Completely dentures are made at patients who do not have any teeth. That can be fully classical denture or denture that is " fixed " with the help of implants. Partial dentures are attached to the teeth by joint connections.
Making of complete (acrylic) dentures;
Making of partial (wironit) prostheses;
Making a telescope prosthesis..

Fixed prosthetics

Caries damaged, stained or partially fractured tooth will be replaced by a ceramic crown. We make a dental bridge to connect the adjacent teeth, if patients are missing one or more teeth.

Absence of more than unpleasant phenomenon which prevents normal human functioning. Some of the consequences of missing teeth are: inability to chew, difficulties with speaking, deformation of the remaining teeth, jaw deformities, etc.
Fortunately, dental prosthetics is so advanced that gives you the opportunity to get new teeth, which will serve you just as well as natural teeth, and there will be no differences.
Practice Dr. Kovacevic offers the most modern solutions and introduce you all of them, so you could get the best decision.


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