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It's amazing how a small correction of your teeth or gums, can do much to change appearance and improve the quality of your life. The vast majority of procedures in the domain of aesthetic dentistry are solved in one or several arrivals and do not require special care. Whether it is about changing the shape or color of teeth, changing gums shape or compensate of lost teeth, it will take a little effort from your side compared to what you'll get.

Aesthetic restorations
Dental jewerly - Zircon
Faceted crowns (flaked)
Aesthetic remodeling of teeth
A dental crown
A dental bridge
Treatment for correction excessively visible gums
Treatment for correction unequal gums
Dental implants

We will be very glad to be a part of your transformation. 


Solving aesthetic problems using top quality materials;
Metal and nonmetal ceramic;
Zircon ceramic;
Tooth whitening;
in practice, 1 visits (1-2h), the use of bleaching gel;
Home whitening 14 days - using the gel ..

The high aesthetic requirements often lead patients to the dental clinics with a desire to create a new, perfect smile that gave them harmonious, youthful and attractive appearance. The wishes of the patient are flat, bright teeth without spaces, proportionate smile in an ideal relation to the tooth gums, lips and all over his face.


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