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IIn modern dentistry, removal soft deposits and pigmentation teeth is performed by system Air-Flow, and the procedure is called sandblasting teeth.
Our treatment of this method safely removes stains from wine, cigarettes, coffee or tea, from places where the traditional method of ultrasound was unsuccessful.

Sandblasting teeth is not and can not be considered as a treatment bleaching teeth, but after treatment achieved effects are shade whiter, smoother and noticeably brighter teeth.

This, practically, detox therapy throughout the oral cavity is performed by special apparatus which is designed that under strong pressure ejected carbonated particles and water to the surface and between each tooth.
The treatment is completely painless and on average takes about 20 minutes. It is recommended as a part of preparations for bleaching teeth and part of your everyday healthy and shiny smile.
Dental plaque, deposits that accumulate on the teeth every day, through time, creating tartar. Dental tartar is not only visible at all appealing, but the instigator of caries, periodontal disease and unpleasant breath.
Removing tartar would have to be done regularly , to keep your teeth nice and healthy. The procedure is quick and painless, more than you can imagine.
It is necessary to perform polishing teeth, after removing dental tartar. Polishing the teeth with special toothpaste will disable the deposition of bacteria and plaque, and they will be protected from decay and unpleasant gum diseases.



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