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Dental implants have changed the quality of life of many people. Thanks to them we can replace lost teeth so that "new teeth" look and have function like natural.

More information about implants and their embedding you can get if you contact us or visit our office. Our doctors will be very happy to hear your problems and solve any confusions and questions regarding any procedures in the field of implantology.

The advantages of implant placement:
• preserving the aesthetics of the face,
• functional rehabilitation,
• preventing the gradual loss of bone at the place of the lost tooth,
• preservation of the remaining healthy teeth.

The implants are installed:
• When missing one tooth,
• When missing multiple teeth,
• When all teeth are missing.

Take a look at the photo gallery of implant placement. Look here.

Installing the top of the implants
Troubleshooting edentulous jaw - mini implants;
Upgrade of removed teeth without drilling or damage adjacent teeth.

Dental Implants look like your natural teeth, and because of the solid fusion with bones in the jaw, there is no difference in the functionality of natural teeth. When it comes tooth loss, bone around teeth root slowly begins to vanish, and it can even change the shape of a jaw.

The implant embedded in this field stimulates bone growth, thus preventing loss of bone structure and the consequent withdrawal of the gums. Dental implants preserve your natural teeth. During the embedding implants, patient do not have to sacrifice (sanded) healthy teeth that would serve as a bridge girders.Dentures are often unstable and fall from the bearing. Dental implants will consolidate them and thus facilitate the wearing of dentures. With dental implant in jaw, you get a stable, lasting and aesthetically impeccable compensation of lost teeth.

Take a look at the video - Placing the implant



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