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Our dental practice offers a full range of services - from free initial examination and consultation with a dentist to the complex implant surgery.

We can provide not only superior service, but also good advices to keep your teeth to stay healthy and beautiful. Your visit to the dentist can be completely painless. Anesthesia latest generation guarantee a painless service.

Modern materials and technology combined with years of experience will certainly satisfy all your health and aesthetic needs.

We guarantee the highest standard and best prices.




We monitor new trends for your youthful and healthy appearance.
Refresh the look of your face and rejuvenate the preparations of superior quality, with safe treatments.

Eliminate wrinkles, shape and fill in your lips fillers made ​​of natural material, hyaluronic acid fillers.
We apply mesotherapy cocktails nutrient facial and neck skin tightening.

We work PRP treatment - skin rejuvenation growth factors from plasma.
Treatments are performed by certified doctor.

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