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Oral surgery is a branch of dentistry which includes the surgical treatment of diseases of the teeth and soft tissues of the oral cavity.

Before each surgery, the surgeon explain to the patient what needs to be done and how will this intervention looks like. Patient need to fill out preoperative questionnaire and agree about the date scheduled intervention. After that gets printed instructions on how to be prepared for surgery and how to proceed after the intervention.
All interventions are performed under local anesthesia and completely painless.

In our office we can do the following oral surgery:
1. Extraction of teeth and residual roots – simple and complicated surgical extraction.
2. Apicotomy and cystectomy – removing the tip of the root of the tooth and surrounding diseased tissue.There can be many causes for this: periapical processes that can not be healed conservatively, broken parts of the needle at the root, cysts, wrong way (fousse route) and fractures in the apical third of the root.
3. Impacted and retentive teeth, who can not sprang up because of mechanical barriers or have not grown due to other causes: incorrect direction of the longitudinal axis of the tooth, too deep position of the fetus, pathological processes, hereditary causes, the lack of growth impulses. Usually are due to wisdom teeth (eight) in the upper and lower jaw, and may be fangs.
4. Preprosthetic surgery – physiological and pathological processes in the jaw reef and soft tissues can cause bad anatomical and physiological relationships and create unfavorable conditions for wearing a prosthetic or disable it completely. Then doctor surgically removes imperfections and gets good conditions on the jaw ridge and soft tissues. These operations are: leveling the alveolar bone, plastic of vestibular folds, the removal of hypertrophy soft tissue and reimplantation.

5. Frenulectomy (removing the uvula).

6. Implants.

7. Closing antral communication (sinus).



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