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The first appointment with a specialist orthodontist should be done at the age of seven years. However, for orthodontic treatment is never too late - even in adult or mature age.
For the first examination is necessary X-ray of the upper and lower jaw, called orthopantograph (OPT), which gets an insight into the state of the teeth and jaw. Then, in consultation with the patient and with the help of all available diagnostic methods, the doctor makes treatment plan.

Each patient, depending on orthodontic apparatuses, gets in writing instructions which must be followed during treatment. Also, we encourage patients to participate in the program fluorination teeth and on that way protect them from caries during the orthodontic treatment, especially when wearing a fixed apparatus.

In adulthood therapy is needed: as the prevention of periodontal disease, as preparation for implant placement, in preparation for prosthetic medical treatment, to remove traumatic occlusion - which leads to accelerated teeth wear and, of course, for aesthetic reasons. In adults, it is usually used fixed apparatus, but in some minor cases of anxiety or improper position of anterior teeth can be used a mobile apparatus.

Therapy can be done with:
mobile apparatus: a) in children with mixed (deciduous and permanent) teeth b) in adult patients (Inman-machine).
fixed apparatus – in permanent teeth.In use are braces (breketi) which can be: classical - metal, aesthetic - transparent or tooth-colored, and lingual (mounted on the inside of the tooth, so it can not be seen).

Combination therapy
Orthodontic apparatuses are used in correcting improper position of the teeth or bad bite, achieving aesthetic dental arches, establishing the proper relationship between the upper and lower jaw, jaw joint relief, as well as obtaining a satisfactory profile in the fullness of the lips.

in the childhood it is possible to correct minor imperfections with a simple actions, and if a child has an undesirable habit, such as: mouth breathing, thumb sucking, biting his lower lip or tongue printing - it is necessary to remove it, as well as its consequences.


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