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What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a modern method for solving a large number of aesthetic and health problems. Through this method a doctor injects a small amount of diluted active substance, by a number of small stitches.

There are various types of active substances. One group stops the loss of collagen in the skin, what ends by stopping the aging process. There are active substances for removing fat deposits lipolysis, removing cellulite and stimulating hair growth.

In this method active substance is injected into the middle layer of the skin and subcutaneous tissue with thin needles. Small doses of active cocktails, made from natural extracts, vitamins, amino acids, lipolytics and etc, will be injected in places where we want to solve a specific problem. In this way it encourages cell regeneration process, making them active enough to begin the process of production of collagen and elastin.

Invasive Mesotherapy is perhaps the most brilliant thing that scientists have invented in the fight against aging! Small areas of the body can be safely treated actively, without some systemic complications.

Michael Pistor, the creator of this method explained this in a few words:

"Small, diluted and in the right place."

Mesotherapy is a treatment that refreshes, revitalizes, hydrates and tightens the skin of the face, neck and decolletage.

In our dental practice mesotherapy is performed by the doctor with certificate and experience in this field, in sterile and aseptic conditions.

How to perform the Mesotherapy?

The technique, routinely performed, looks easy to handle, but it is composed from a multitude of small stitches, that are performed by a particular scheme. The first step is doctors decision about a choise of cocktails active suptanci. The doctor individually determined set of cocktails, bearing in mind the state of the organism, the desired effects, contraindications, the opportunity to interact with medicines that a person takes.

After review, conversation and observations, next step is procedures of the injection active ingredient. The stitches are painless, although there are cocktails that can give a mild pain response, but doctor promptly warns you about it.

If the patient is very sensitive to the pain, it is possible to apply a local anesthetic in the form of creams.

Already next day stitches will not be seen, thanks to the great regenerative capacity of the face skin and good blood circulation.

What are the results of the application of mesotherapy on patients face?

By mesotherapy you can fill wrinkles and correct the sagging face and neck. Factors of capital importance for the skin are inserted under the skin. What was missing the skin is fed into the skin and remains in it.

Hyaluronic acid, which disappears from the skin by aging, is applicated under the skin, making the skin youthful sail. There are also other factors such as collagen, which stimulates the formation of hyaluronic acid, elastin, alfalipoin and vitamins.

Already after the first treatment, the result is visible.

When to start anti-aging mesotherapy?

Regardless of whether the skin look old or not, it is good to "feed" the skin with hyaluronic acid for stimulating collagen formation. If the traces of aging are not visible at any given moment, Mesotherapy will postpone this biological process and slow down.In the literature this is known as a preventive Mesotherapy skin, where are already visible traces of aging and requires special care, and with Mesotherapy you should start moderately, but constantly.

The changes are visible after the first treatment, but after a couple of treatments the skin becomes "young again" which should be done at intervals of one month.

Can men do the Mesotherapy?

Of course, if you take care of yourself.





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